Ahsan Ullah.
Many years ago, I saw these trees in the garden of one of my senior friends and I was told that they are edible and have medicinal value. I didn’t pay much attention to the health benefits but remembered that the leaves and small pink flowers were very beautiful.
Once upon a time four years ago I noticed that a few small plants of the same type were growing in the ground near my large flower pot and flower pot. I decided to grow it because I wanted to know more about plants.
I waited for them to grow and took some shots. I have also learned about some of the medicinal properties of the plant. I have decided on commercial farming. Trying health care and employment.

Some of the common names of these plants are Over, Juice of Flower, Pink Baby Breath, Jowa Ginseng etc. and its scientific name is Talinum Paniculam. It is a fleshy, succulent plant or medicinal plant. The leaves are fleshy. These are glossy and bright light green. The flowers are small and pink. These grow easily and are considered many weeds.

Young and tender leaves and shoots can be cut and eaten as a vegetable, they can be eaten raw as a salad. These can be cooked as a straw fry or soup. This herb is grown in large pots.
I like flowers. I have not eaten or eaten leaves or shoots. I just want to know more about trees. The seeds are self-sown. By the wind, birds or insects – these are what brought them to my garden. I was also told to wait a year before the roots were cut and the roots would look like ginseng roots.



I can’t remember how old this tree was but I noticed that the leaves were yellow and thin. I tried to pull the whole plant but the branches broke easily, so I had to dig the roots. I think my tree wasn’t old enough because the roots were still small in size.
However, they look like ginseng roots. I was told that the roots would taste like ginseng roots. But I hope good news can be given. Do your best to be at peace with everyone and to be holy. Maybe we will talk about another herb. Stay well, love nature.

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