Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2020

Corona does not mean death. Important information of herbal researcher ahsan Ullah

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Rubel Hossain, Staff Reporter.
Eminent nature and herbal researcher and inventor Ahsan Ullah said that there are two ways to destroy the corona. One is to eat vitamin C in guava, lemon, amalki or vitamin C tablets. If possible, take a zinc tablet every night. Vitamin C and zinc keep the body’s immune system fresh, alive and increase immunity.
Another is that if someone is infected, such as a sore throat, coughing without a dry cough, there will be a cough but the cough will not come out. This is the first sign of being infected with the corona virus. Other influenza sufferers sneeze, runny nose and runny nose. However, the corona virus starts with a dry cough.
In this case, the simplest method is to drink strong or light colored tea repeatedly, gargling with hot water. A better way is to mix ginger, cloves and black pepper with water and heat it to give it a black color. It should be played with tea with a little honey or sugar or gargled with this water. As a result, the viruses in the throat die. Also, warmth in the throat increases blood flow. As a result, the body’s resistance to disease also increases. Color tea also has antiseptic properties. Repeated dry coughs can rupture the throat tissue. Tea prevents this infection.

Whether you have a fever or not, at this moment we should all wake up in the morning, gargle at noon and in the evening. As a result, even if the virus enters the body, it will not be able to grow. It can prevent many more infections than just the corona virus. If one can do this every day, then the chances of getting infected are very low.
If someone ever has a stomach problem due to the corona virus, mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder with water in the juice of neem leaves and drinking it in the morning and at night will reduce the infection in the stomach. At this time, there are many problems in giving antibiotics to such patients.

Even during this disaster of the corona virus, those who have to work outside, such as law enforcement, journalists, volunteers and others to do. Bijan Kumar Sheel said that the corona virus does not attack as soon as it enters the body. Over time, it gradually grows in the body. In this case, drinking hot water back home, drinking a cup of light colored tea, steaming hot water through the nose and mouth, adding a drop of menthol in the water is better. Then the nose will be better cleaned, so even if the virus enters the body will not be able to grow and benefit.
Corona vaccine or antidote can be easily discovered by trying three herbal ingredients like black cohosh, syrup whole, bifur to make corona nimul and its antidote. In fact, people do not think about nature.
In response to a question, Ahsan Ullah said that if any entrepreneur wants your help in making or researching this corona antidote, will you cooperate with them. Of course I will, but it is conditional. Herbal researcher Ahsan Ullah has created a natural food called Atriplesk Plus which many people are getting better by taking. Many corona positive patients have gotten better by eating his natural food.
He called for adherence to nature and the data it provides. He says corona is not death but awareness. Thank you for your time. Thank you too.

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